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We develop independent lifelong learners in a student-centered environment with high expectations for all.

Welcome To Trenton Middle School

TMS Basketball Tournament

On Friday, February 20th and Saturday, February 21st TMS hosted our annual Middle School Basketball Tournament. Teams invited included Redcliff Middle School, East Pictou, Pugwash, Dr. W.A. MacLeod Consolidated, and our own TMS Trojans!

Wellness Day 2015

In February TMS has dedicated our commitment to wellness and athletics through our school-wide Wellness Day and hosting of our Basketball tournament. Wellness Day was helf on Wednesday, February 11th and involved the students of TMS engaging in their choice of Swimming and Skating/Snowshoeing or a Trip to Wentworth for a skiing lesson. The day was well attended and students had a blast.

TMS Remembers

On November 10th, students, staff, and special guests of TMS celebrated the memory of those who fought and those who gave their lives fighting for the freedom of future generations of Canadians in our annual Remembrance Day ceremony.


"Stand Up - Speak Out" Anti Bullying Day

On September 18th, students and staff of TMS participated in CCRSB's Stand Up Speak Out "I am not afriad" anti bulliying day. Student created posters, wrote poems and stories, as well as, performing "rap songs" about standing up against bullying.  The school had a Ransom acts of kindness drwas, some studnts rrecieved a Stand Up Speak Out T-shirt and Coles Gift Cards.






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