Grade 8 Class Trip

The Grade 8 students have expressed an interested in going on a school trip.  Upon School Board approval, we will be taking Grade 8 students who are interested in the trip.  With this approval in mind, we would like to get our fundraising started as soon as possible. 

The cost of the class trip will depend on the number of students.  This year we have 27 Grade 8 students.  When the decision is made on a destination, the cost of the trip will include student transportation (by bus), hotel accommodations, entrance fees into all museums and activities, tours, etc. and most meals.  The details for the class trip are still being worked out and we will have them available for you at a parents meeting in October. 

Our goal is to have a class trip that affordable to all.  Fundraising is essential to help with the cost of the trip.  Fundraising is not mandatory, but is encouraged.  All fundraising is done on an individual basis and comes directly off the student’s final trip payment.  A record will be kept of each student’s fundraising and it is encouraged that you keep a record at home for comparison.

The Grade 8 students must be "in good standing" in all courses, and follow the provincial school code of conduct in order to participate in the class trip.  Students are required to pay an initial deposit of $100.  It is important to note that this deposit and any money fundraised is non-refundable should a student not be allowed to go on the trip for behavioral or academic reasons.  Any student who is in danger of falling into these categories will be met with and parents will be notified.  The administration has the final say of who will be going on the trip.